Class Descriptions Ages 9-18

We offer a wide range of classes for ages 9 to 18, at various levels and across many styles of dance with a focus on Ballet. 

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Jazz / Hip Hop


Fun, high-energy classes incorporate Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop. Designed for dancers who want to learn cool moves and jam to today's hit songs while having a blast.

Intermediate Ballet


Focus on Classical Ballet technique through a professional class progression. Barre work, center and across the floor exercises are designed to improve your technique, performance quality and confidence. Prior ballet experience is required.

Intermediate Ballet / Pointe

Classical Ballet technique with an emphasis on technical development, extended movement combinations. Students learn the fundamentals of pointe work and theory and work on improving performance qualities, musicality and artistry. 

Advanced Ballet / Pointe

By invitation only for dancers who have been on pointe for over 3 years. Dancers continue to build strength, learn steps on pointe, work extensively on turns, traveling combinations, and adagio.

Intermediate Jazz

Focus on jazz dance and musicality. Class format consists of a warm-up to enhance core strengthening, balance, and extensions through isolations, rhythmic exercises, and floor stretches. Students study jazz technique, and learn to build complex combinations and routines.

Intermediate Lyrical

Lyrical dance is based in ballet and combines technical elements of Classical Ballet with the freedom of Jazz, Contemporary and Modern. Lyrical dance is expressive, conveying musicality and emotion through movement. 

Advanced/ Contemporary Jazz

Combines Jazz techniques with Modern, free form movement.  Technical dance moves are visual, focus on the musicality of the dancer, and every changing and evolving. By invitation only. 

Advanced Lyrical

Continues to build on the Intermediate level, adding more precise, controlled movement, lifts, and more complex movements and patterns. By invitation only.

Acro Ages 9 & Up

From beginning to advanced tumbling, conditioning, flexibility, proper form and strengthening. The class will build week to week with new exercises and learning basic gymnastic skills to incorporate into dance sequences.

Yoga Sculpt

An upbeat conditioning class that builds core strength and endurance while having fun. Strength is a key part of dance and is crucial for the continued improvement of the dancer.