Children's Class Descriptions Ages 2-8

We offer ballet classes for children as young as 3 years old and more structured Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes for the more serious students.

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Age 3

Designed for our youngest dancers, introducing them to movement through musical games, songs and dances.  Our goal is to have FUN while developing large motor skills, listening skills, body awareness and imagination. This class is independent of parent or guardian.

Ballet & Pre-Tap

Ages 4 to 5

This class develops coordination, listening, and rhythm skills through an introduction to ballet and movement. Children must have a good attention span and be independent of parent or guardian. 

Ballet / Tap Elementary

Ages 5 to 8 

The dancers will study the elementary steps and concepts of ballet and tap. The class is divided into half-hour segments of ballet and tap. No experience required.

Ballet, Tap, Jazz intermediate

Ages 5 to 8

Study ballet, tap and jazz technique in a structured dance environment for the serious student. Emphasis is on strengthening body placement, coordinating body movements, and improving basic steps. Dress code and attendance are enforced to promote the best training. Placement is made at the discretion of the program director.