DCC Elevate Training Program

INTRODUCING the DCC Elevate program!! 

DCC Elevate is the newest extension of DC Dance LA studio, where a select group of dancers will elevate their dance training, artistry, and well being.

Under the direction of Diane Collins and Tess Hewlett, our dancers are challenged to succeed not only as performers, but individuals as well. DC philosophy of instilling integrity, confidence, work ethic and camaraderie is the foundation to becoming successful later in life after dance. We strive daily to accomplish this in a nurturing and family-oriented environment, where our dancers can express themselves freely in a safe environment.
We are so excited for the 2022-23 season!


DCC Elevate is designed to give professional caliber performing opportunities to our inspiring dancers. DC trainees will be given the unique opportunity of working in a professional environment with a select group of dancers.
Guest teachers and choreographers are an integral part of this program, as we believe in diversifying dancers' educations to help them reach their peak potential.

This invitation only program is offered to a small select group of dancers who show desire, ability, grit, commitment and passion in their dance practice.
DC aims to provide every tool necessary, including the most relevant, experienced, and exceptional faculty, along with our state of the art facility, to succeed as a professional in the dance world or at the university level.

The DC Elevate program will participate in showcases, on camera work, acting, industry opportunities, auditions, and body, nutrition, and mind wellness workshops all to elevate artistry and provide new opportunities in dance.

Junior Elevate Trainee*

(Ages 11 to 14)

Increased and intensive study of classical ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance.Trainees are asked to expand their horizons and knowledge as a dancer, performer and artist. Students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills about dance as an art form through dance performance, dance composition (creating and structuring movement to communicate ideas) and dance appreciation. Proper dance etiquette is expected and strongly enforced.
*by invitation only



(Ages 15 through Pre-Professional)

DCC ELEVATE dancers are instructed in a professional environment. They are constantly pushed to reach their potential and are dedicated to the art of dance. Pointe, Classical Ballet Variations, Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop and Lyrical Jazz are intensely studied. Dancers in this program exhibit an extraordinary commitment to dance and make every required class and rehearsals a priority. Dancers are requested to keep and open mind and to be mature enough for the subject matter that is expressed through movement in choreography. 
*by invitation only