Safety is Our Top Priority

As one of the largest dance studios in LA, with over 4,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor space, DC Dance is able to offer open air indoor classes and outdoor classes (as necessary). We're taking every precaution to keep our students and faculty safe - fresh air and air purifiers in every room, masking and safety requirements align with CDC, State, and Local guidelines.

To learn more, give us a call (310) 881-9500 or email Or to view available classes and register online CLICK HERE

In-studio Class Protocols & Policies

  • Limited number of students in every class with well over 6 feet of social distancing between students as needed.
  • Masking as guided by CDC, State and Local guidelines.
  • Shoes must be taken off before entering dance space and all outside items must be placed in a bag.
  • Students must come dressed and ready for class in proper attire. Bathrooms will not be available for changing before or during classes.
  • A staff member will clean bathroom (surfaces, door knobs, toilet handle after every use) as well as floors, barres, stereo, door knobs, and light switches.
  • Teachers/Staff will ask students to wash hands or apply hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting.
  • Each studio is equipped with an Austin Air Filter (Health Mate Plus) and Covid-19 approved UV lights.

DC Dance LA Documentary

Emily Leibert praised DC Dance LA for creating a new model for kids' extracurricular activities in the time of COVID-19.